PledOx® has a major market potential

The Market

Potential billion-dollar market (USD)

PledOx® is initially being tested for the prevention of neuropathy in patients with colorectal cancer. In the US, EU5 and Japan, approximately 700,000 patients with colorectal cancer are treated annually with the drug, of whom about 225,000 receive oxaliplatin.

The number of oxaliplatin treatment cycles per year is an estimated 1.5 million. Market surveys conducted by PledPharma of physicians and payers in the US and the EU3, indicate PledOx® pricing  at c. USD 1,000 per cycle. Cost of goods sold (COGS) fis expected to be less than 5%. The ongoing development of PledOx® in colorectal cancer has a significant commercial potential.

PledOx® is also considered to have major potential as a treatment in other cancers, such as breast, ovarian and lung, which are treated with other types of chemotherapeutic agents (including platins and taxanes). PledOx® could also offer these patients protection from peripheral nerve damage. There is therefore major potential commercial value in indications in addition to colorectal cancer.



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