Corporate Governance

PledPharma has an innovative, unique and integrated competence in pharmaceutical drug development with focus on improving treatments for severe diseases with substantial unmet medical need where alternative treatments does not exist.


The company’s auditor is appointed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the period until the end of the next AGM. At the Annual General Meeting 2019, until the end of the 2020 AGM, the registered auditing firm BDO Mälardalen AB was re-elected as auditor.

Jörgen Lövgren is the auditor in charge.

The auditor reviews the accounts of the parent company and the group on behalf of the AGM. The external auditing of the parent company and the group’s accounts, as well as of the Board and CEO’s management, are conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards in Sweden.
The auditor can be reached via BDO Mälardalen AB, Turebergs Allé 2, 191 62 Sollentuna.



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