Corporate Governance

PledPharma has an innovative, unique and integrated competence in pharmaceutical drug development with focus on improving treatments for severe diseases with substantial unmet medical need where alternative treatments do not exist.

Corporate Governance

The Corporate governance of PledPharma is based on applicable laws, rules and recommendations, such as the Swedish Companies Act, the Annual Accounts Act, the Nasdaq First North Rules and the Articles of Association o PledPharmas, as well as internal rules and guidelines.

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance does not apply to companies listed on Nasdaq First North. Pledpharma is thus not required to apply the Code but has adapted to it in those parts where the Code is deemed relevant to PledPharma and its shareholders.

Important external regulations

• Swedish Companies Act
• Annual Accounts Act
• Accounting legislation and recommendations
• Nasdaq First North rules for issuers

Important internal regulations and documents

• Articles of Association
• The Board’s Rules of Procedure
• The CEO’s instructions
• Decision-making/attestation instructions
• Internal guidelines, policies and manuals that provide guidance for the Group’s operations and employees, such as PledPharmas information policy and financial policy.



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