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Patents and trademarks

An active patent strategy

PledPharma’s patents encompass both products based on the PLED compounds and treatment methods.

The company’s patent applications do not just cover the first products based on the PLED compounds and the initial clinical application. They also cover a broad spectrum of other applications, such as production methods and formulations for PledPharma’s products.

PledPharma carefully monitors developments concerning its intellectual property rights in all relevant areas as well as competing technologies and companies. PledPharma’s patent strategy for intellectual property rights has been developed in close, long-term cooperation with its external US patent attorney.

PledPharma has had trademark protection for the trademark PledOx® since 2010, and for Aladote®  since 2015.

Broad geographic distribution

The patents are valid in significant geographic markets, and the patent portfolio is being expanded to include new applications and approvals as applications are processed and new innovations are achieved, such as for formulations and new areas of application.

A total of 17 countries have approved PledPharma’s patent applications. So far, the first patent application submitted has been approved in the US, Canada, the EU, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, South Korea, India, Israel and Japan, with patent protection until 2028. The second application has so far been approved in the EU, South Africa, South Korea, Canada, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia and Australia, with patent protection until 2030. The third application, which is the most critical to the patent portfolio and concerns the active substance in the drug candidates PledOx® and Aladote®, has been approved in the US, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), India, Japan, the EU, Australia and Russia. The patent’s validity period extends until December 2032. The fourth application has entered the national phase and is expected to provide patent protection until October 2033. The fifth patent application, which was published in 2017, concerns combination products to treat acute liver failure and other liver conditions. The first four patent families are relevant to PledOx®, while the second, third and fifth patents are important for Aladote®.



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