About PledPharma

Business concept, long-term objectives and strategies


PledPharma is recognized as an efficient and productive Nordic pharmaceutical drug development company with a strong ambition to create value for patients, society and shareholders by developing a portfolio of unique products for the treatment of serious niche diseases with significant unmet medical needs.


With its unique, integrated expertise in pharmaceutical drug development, PledPharma will focus on improving the treatment of debilitating and life-threatening diseases where there are no alternative treatments, based on the company’s patent-protected, clinically  proven PLED technology (PyridoxyL EthylDiamine-based compounds).

Business concept

PledPharma will meet medical needs where there are no treatments by developing drugs up to the point of registration, together with its strategic partners.


PledPharma’s objective is to create value for patients, society and shareholders by developing effective new treatments for debilitating and life- threatening diseases.


PledPharma’s place in the value chain

PledPharma primarily focuses on pharmaceutical drug development in clinical phases through to market approval by pharmaceutical regulatory authorities. The company’s commercial target group is pharmaceutical companies and regional distributors with well- developed distribution networks.

The Company focuses on projects in the clinical development phase. Projects are selected based on multiple criteria, with the most important being the medical need, scientific rationale, development plan and market potential. It is considered an advantage if potential treatments are in areas with a low degree of competition.

The projects may be based on existing PLED compounds or be new projects obtained through acquisitions.

With the company’s own resource-efficient expert organization and a small number of projects in clinical development, PledPharma is able to dedicate the necessary attention and resources to every project to ensure a successful development process. The Company has an entrepreneurial philosophy and conducts its projects in a resource-efficient manner through its own expert organization, which has long-standing experience in pharmaceutical drug development. The Company cooperates with various partners whose resources are devoted to dedicated projects. These partners include contract research organizations, contract manufacturers and legal professionals (patents, etc.).

Financing and business model

In its current situation, the Company intends to finance its operations primarily through equity and by out-licensing projects to commercial partners.

The Company intends to generate revenue primarily through licensing agreements for projects in progress as well as through royalties when products are commercialized after gaining market approval.

Target group:

PledPharma’s commercial target groups are pharmaceutical companies

and regional distributors with well-developed distribution networks.

License fees and royalties

License fees and royalties through strategic partnerships are the main sources of revenue for the Company. License fees are received when initiating partnerships or at defined milestones and are of a non-recurring nature. Royalties are received when a drug begins to be sold in the market. This form of revenue is of a recurring nature and is received as long as sales take place.

The first major license agreement with Solasia

The agreement with the Japanese company Solasia is an example of licensing and an agreement for royalties upon commercialization. The company signed an exclusive licensing agreement in November 2017 for PledOx®  in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan. License fees of up to MUSD 83 (corresponding to approximately MSEK 700) are divided into initial remuneration and partial payments linked to predefined milestones during continued development, the regulatory process and commercialization. In addition, PledPharma is also entitled to royalties on future sales of the product. Solasia has also undertaken to fully finance the expansion of the global Phase III program to additional countries in Asia.

Marketing to prospective partners

The Company markets to prospective partners primarily by building relationships at various business and scientific conferences, including Bio Europe, ASCO, JPM Morgan Week and others. The Company participates in special partnering conferences where companies with drug candidates have the opportunity to meet prospective partners, who are usually representatives of established pharmaceutical companies or pharmaceutical sales companies with their own distribution and sales organizations.




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