About PledPharma

PledPharma has an innovative, unique and integrated competence in pharmaceutical drug development with focus on improving treatments for severe diseases with substantial unmet medical need where alternative treatments does not exist.

About PledPharma

PledPharma is a pharmaceutical drug development company with unique, integrated capabilities, focusing on improving the treatment of serious diseases with a major unmet medical need.

The Company currently has two projects in clinical phase:

PledOx® is a first-in-class drug candidate designed to prevent nerve damage caused by chemotherapy. A global Phase III program is ongoing.

Aladote® is a first-in-class drug candidate developed to reduce liver damage caused by paracetamol poisoning. A proof-of-principle study, Phases Ib/IIa, has been successfully completed and a pivotal pase II/III study is planned to be initiated mid-2020.


- protects the peripheral nerves

Protection against the nerve damage that often occurs in connection with chemotherapy.


- protects the liver

Prevents acute liver failure in paracetamol poisoning.



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